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Connected Care in India


Komaranapura, Karnataka, India

Brigade Road, Bangalore

An increasing elderly population is a particular issue in India, where figures from the World Bank show that there are now in excess of 73 million people aged over 65, a figure growing year-on-year. About 20% of the over 65s either live alone or with their spouse and want to maintain their independence as long as possible.  

Our UK-India collaboration is leveraging opportunities in both countries to build the evidence for using IoT and analytics to drive business transformation.

The demographic and healthcare pressures include:

  • Families are often more mobile and move away from the original area

  • Elderly parents have greater wealth, a desire to live independently and to stay out of institutional care

  • There is a rapidly growing elderly and vulnerable population and current care services and resources are not scalable – either insufficient qualified staff or the scale of cost to public purse

  • There is a need to virtualise mobile and remote healthcare services supported by technology due to the topography of remote locations and lengthy travel times in rural and urban areas.

Brigade Road, Bangalore, India

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