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Cascade3d eMAP

Keep assets safe and secure with the latest IoT technology


Cascade3d eMAP
Cascade3d eMAP
Cascade3d eMAP
Environmental Monitoring and Asset Protection - eMAP


Cascade3d eMAP is a powerful analytics platform that monitors conditions within properties and storage facilities and keeps you in control. Featuring live updates, personalised alerts and long term trend analysis, the system is designed to be used anywhere from libraries to law firms. 

It uses the very latest IoT technology to monitor and report on conditions, access and issues – keeping your assets safe and secure.

Carefully positioned digital devices and sensors collect data and stream it back to our secure servers via Intel's intelligent gateways. The sensors can detect movement, smoke, temperature changes, light levels, vibration, humidity, flooding and carbon monoxide.

The Cascade3d eMAP platform is built using the Intel IoT Intelligent Gateway that links a range of ambient sensors, and then streams near real-time data to the Cascade3d cloud analytics backend. The behaviour analytics models alert to changes in the environment and allow managers to make fast and effective decisions utilising API integration in the cloud.

Automatic proactive alerts

Smart sensors continually monitor the environment and record changes in the Cascade3d platform. Automatic sensing reduces the need for staff to spend time filling in forms. The system checks and records open windows, locked doors, the temperature of fridges, freezers, rooms, hot water tanks and pipes, and also monitors humidity and light levels.


Wireless smart sensors can be installed in minutes to turn on lighting automatically when a person enters the room. Track LED lighting can provide an illuminated pathway when the sensor mats and motion detectors are activated.

An alert is automatically triggered if conditions or activity deviate from what the system expects e.g. a sudden change in temperature, doors opening or vibrations when the building should be empty and so on. This is unique to each location

Open, secure and scalable. From the edge IoT gateway to the backend servers, our analytics platform has been built using industry standard products and protocols and embedded with the reliability of Intel.


Property and asset management 


eMAP is suitable for a wide range of settings, perfect for landlords and property managers:

  • Warehouses

  • Hospitals

  • Military facilities

  • Museums & theatres

  • Residential Property

  • Law firms

  • Universities/colleges

  • Libraries

  • Prisons

  • Commercial Property


eMAP product sheet

Download the Cascade3d eMAP product sheet

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