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Increase revenue and improve ROI on retention and recruitment campaigns, using products and services developed by Cascade3d® specialists with over 20 years’ experience in the leisure industry.


Case study 1:
Operational impact


We provide management reporting software to a national operator with over 100 leisure centres across the UK.


With centres based across 30 different Local Authority contracts, each with different pricing structures, managing the annual price change process was an operational challenge for the central finance team - both time consuming and complicated. They approached us to see if we could make the task of contacting their 400,000 members with new pricing information less of a headache. 


Cascade3d provided a bureau style Direct Marketing service for the client, using their data file and producing emails that automatically merged the right information for each member, including the appropriate artwork and partnership logos. These were sent out to the thousands of customers who had valid email addresses stored on their membership system. A week later we arranged for any of the emails that bounced or were unopened to be added to the letter templates we had also prepared, and shipped these out to our specialist variable data printer who took care of the printing and postage.


Following the success of this campaign, the operator has now set up further administrative tasks (e.g. renewal letters) using Cascade3d Communicate which saves time and effort.


They are now turning their attention to developing an ongoing contact strategy to increase retention, with welcome packs, refer a friend deals, sending special offers to those at high risk of leaving etc.


The team at head office has consolidated this process centrally to achieve a lower cost per contact.  With higher volumes they can negotiate lower rates and they now have one person at head office responsible for triggering the communications rather than one at each of their sites. 


They can be confident that they are sending the right message, to the right people at the right time, with accurate and appropriate use of data and marketing material.

Case study 2:
Financial insight


A leisure trust in the South West had used Cascade3d Reports for a number of years to provide management information.


The Finance Manager and her team used the software to reconcile information held within their leisure management system and a separate finance system. This was a manual process, involving time consuming lookups in Excel, with the opportunity for manual error to creep into every step of the process.


The Finance Manager asked Cascade3d to develop a tailored solution to automate the process of sending the relevant data from the leisure management system to the finance system, without any ongoing manual involvement.


Following the success of this solution, the finance team also started to use our Direct Debit module to help them audit their BACS runs. This streamlined how they identified those members who were paying too much or too little, when they were due for renewal, or if their personal data needed updating.


The system now communicates automatically with these customers when necessary, comparing and flagging any variation in Direct Debit amounts, creating mail merged letters and price changes at the touch of a button.


By identifying issues before the next Direct Debit run, the software has substantially reduced the number of BACS rejections, lowered the number of customer issues the reception team have to deal with and greatly improved the quality and timing of information to customers when they have had an issue with their bank.


Case study 3:
Change management


An operator of Leisure Centres in one of the UK’s major cities first started using Cascade3d Reports at the end of last year. The organisation has over a dozen sites, with centre managers responsible for their own budgets.


The Operations Director wanted to view individual site performance and sales versus target on a weekly basis, which up until recently had only been possible monthly. The team used to get together face-to-face every month, with centre managers presenting their data to the Director, looking back at performance over the previous month. The review included net membership (new members minus any leavers), course bookings and attendances and class bookings and attendances.


Once our Reports software was installed, we worked with the Operations Director to create a tailored solution that could show him what was happening at the different sites. We were able to provide a management dashboard including the key reports the team had been preparing and reviewing monthly, and developed a solution to automatically generate all the reports each week, saving time and ensuring consistency in the way the reports were developed and formatted. The Operations Director could see the performance of all of the centres at a glance, with figures consolidated into summary reports. He could also drill down into individual sites, to explore anomalies and review issues versus targets. 


The dashboard enabled the Director to transition from a monthly meeting with the whole team to a weekly conference call which operates on an exception basis. With both the Operations Director and the Centre Managers knowing they could rely on the accuracy of the data, they were able to target resources and support in the right places. The team now fixes problems as they arise rather than having to wait until the end of the month


FlexiForms is an advanced operational solution which enables you to monitor, measure and control what’s going on in your organisation.  FlexiForms brings together information from different sources and multiple sites to give you full visibility. It replaces outdated paper-based forms and spreadsheets – live information is fed directly into the reports.  


To find out more about FlexiForms, contact us.

The golf sector acts as a barometer of consumer confidence. It is greatly influenced by disposable income so trend analytics and targeted communication are vital for running the business.
Cascade3d analytics and database marketing systems are used by the executive teams at private and public golf clubs to make key business decisions. 

Market Focus:Golf

"Cascade3d have worked with us for over 15 years providing data cubes that support our executive, finance and marketing teams. The financial integration with Microsoft Dynamics makes us highly effective in monitoring expenditure, membership sales and tee-off occupancy."

David Shepherd, Group IT Manager, Crown Golf



If you enjoy playing, visit the Crown Golf web site and book yourself a tee time.

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