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Theatres & Libraries

Theatres and libraries provide inspiration to people of all ages and walks of life. Cascade3d® may not be experts at sourcing the latest books or producing a smash-hit show but we do know about data and how to use it to achieve the best possible results.


In theatres across the UK, our reports enable theatre managers to see which customers are most likely to be most interested in their latest production.  Carefully targeted, personalised marketing campaigns give sales teams the best possible chance of selling tickets and meeting their targets. 


Our reports let you see what's really going on - whether it's sorting multiple individual bookings from regular group bookings, or viewing special membership and loyalty card discounts, we can help.


Just contact us to find out more.


Library card systems can give you a wealth of information about your customers, their interests and preferred activities. What if you could use that data to improve participation rates in other venues?  


In Peterborough we are doing just that - helping to link ten libraries with heritage venues, leisure centres, theatres and art galleries across the city.  


To find out more about how to link data from multiple sites please get in touch.

Protecting and preserving important documents and archives is an incredibly important job. The Cascade3d eMAP product uses the latest IoT technologies and data analytics to help curators monitor and protect the archive and storage environments.  Click here to read more about eMAP.

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