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Connected Care

TSA Member TEC Quality

Cascade3d Connected Care is a powerful analytics platform connecting elderly and vulnerable people to their families, clinicians, caregivers and call centres - providing cost effective, personal and enhanced quality of care.

We use the latest IoT technology to create a smarter safer world for those who need it most...

  • supporting people with cognitive impairment and early onset of dementia

  • identifying anxiety and declining mental health

  • tackling isolation with voice activated devices eg. Alexa Show

  • reducing dehydration and improving nutrition

  • creating holistic insights from multiple databases

  • early intervention for declining health and wellbeing

  • supporting reablement and discharge to assess

  • monitoring healthy homes

  • improving medication adherence and management

  • connecting loved ones, friends and professionals...



and Friends






Strength and balance

Cascade3d Connected Care enables healthcare agencies to provide a personalised response to the changing needs of their clients
How does it work?


The Cascade3d Connected Care platform is an incredibly versatile analytical tool, enabling us to bring together the data from home-based IoT sensors, vital sign telehealth devices and wearable tech such as GPS locators and provide detailed insight to care professionals, emergency responder services, GPs and families.

Leading lady in the Cascade3d video
Integrated healthcare and video calling

Bluetooth medical devices and Amazon Echo have been integrated with the Cascade3d Connected Care platform providing patients, family and healthcare practitioners with almost real time trend information and the ability to see and talk to one another.

Elderly and vulnerable people can feel they are at the centre of managing their own long-term conditions, using the Cascade3d dashboard to give them reassurance and confidence that their family, carers and clinicians all have the access to the same information to make the best informed decisions.


Amazon Echo Show integrated with Cascade3d Connected Care platform and a range of Medisana and other Bluetooth medical devices

"Cascade3d Connected Care is a modern digital telehealth and telecare system that offers huge advantages over the traditional model."

Easy to use dashboards and insights

Data from multiple settings can be aggregated and used to guide strategic planning. Cascade3d technologies are supporting elderly and vulnerable people in a range of different scenarios:

  • Providing insight to carers supporting people with cognitive decline, early onset dementia or learning disabilities by providing insight into eating and hygiene patterns

  • Early identification of declining mental health by highlighting abnormal behaviours such as poor sleep/wandering in the night-time hours

  • Identifying isolation and potential loneliness and alerting carers if there are no visitors or excursions from the home

  • Alerting carers to potential gastric and urinary tract infection

  • Eating and drinking reminders to reduce dehydration and allowing carers to check food and drinks have been prepared at appropriate times

  • Providing medication reminders

  • Preventing falls

  • Holistic insights include participation in activity programmes such as Exercise on Prescription or GP referral schemes which support improvements in long term health outcomes.

Take a look at this presentation to find out more


Advantech UTX-3115, running the Intel Atom Dual Core processor provides the power behind the edge platform

Advances in technology

The Cascade3d Connected Care platform is built using the Intel IoT Intelligent Gateway that links a range of ambient sensors installed in the home and streams near real-time data to the Cascade3d cloud analytics backend.


The behaviour analytics models alert to changing wellbeing profiles and allow professional care agencies to support clients and the family utilising API integration in the cloud.  

Please click here to view the range of compatible Fibaro sensors

Working with Intel's IoT Ignition Lab

Connected Cities Trade Mission in India

Cascade3d Connected Care in action - providing vital insights to the care teams supporting people with cognitive impairment

Support for cognitive impairment

The primary purpose of the Cascade3d Connected Care platform is to support families and carers who are helping people live with long term and potentially declining cognitive function.  The main groups are:

  • Elderly people with declining mental capacity, memory loss and dementia, often with one or more long term conditions that require daily medication 

  • People with a congenital intellectual disability e.g. Down's Syndrome or those born with a learning disability 

  • Anyone with an acquired brain injury through a head injury or from illness at any age.  This group may have funding from insurance

We are undertaking research to assess the willingness of different groups to engage with this new technology and the impact of condition management and/or early identification of declining wellbeing in improving outcomes.

Download the case study showing how we are working with Intel to provide smart support for vulnerable adults.

Cascade3d Connected Care

Preventing falls

Falls are not an inevitable part of ageing, there are many measures such as exercise and mobility programmes that can help but, often, the small clues that could help families and carers to prevent a fall are missed.


The Cascade3d Connected Care platform builds up an individual profile of behaviour and movement so that it’s easy to spot when things aren’t right.

Find out more.

Global challenges of an ageing population and changing demographics
Global ageing population trend

The developed world has a major challenge with the rapidly approaching 'silver tsunami'; an increasing number of older people needing help and support to maintain their independence.


People over 65 are likely to suffer from at least one long term limiting condition.  Institutional care facilities cannot cater for the numbers and may not always be the most appropriate solution.  The impact of an ageing population along with the related issues of dementia, cognitive decline, isolation and mobility means that new innovative services are needed to support people living in their own homes.

Worldatlas (2017) published a league table of the countries with the largest ageing population in the world.  Several of these countries are in the EU, such as Italy, Greece, Germany, Portugal, France, Spain among others others, and they face rapidly rising healthcare costs related to eldercare. In Ireland, TILDA (2014) predicted a 250% growth rate in the 85+ age group over the next 30 years. This group will grow to over 450,000 people and many will have long term healthcare needs.

Ageing population challenges faced by Ireland

Ageing population, Ireland

Economic benefits

There are huge economic benefits when you support family carers, enabling them to remain in the employment market. It also reduces stress and anxiety which would otherwise be compounded by reduced family income. This is true in both developed and emerging economies (Carers UK, 2019Carers UK, 2014Carers Worldwide, 2015).  


Carers UK reported that in the UK 1 in 3 carers are over £20k a year worse off, 2.3 million people have given up work and many more have reduced working hours.


This same reduced income occurs throughout the world and can have devastating impacts on the health and wellbeing of the whole family.​

"Cascade Connected Care forms a vital cog in the delivery of affordable healthcare services for the the elderly and vulnerable people in our communities"

We're working with great companies

We're working with Intel® to find new insights into the ways we can connect local communities, families and healthcare professionals.


The TSA is the representative body for technology enabled care (TEC) service and plays a leading role in the UK setting quality standards for care supported by the latest technology.  We are TSA QSF accredited.


We're working with AWS, proving the scalability of Cascade3d Connected Care in health and care settings for elderly and vulnerable people.

GP Consulting Ltd

Align Biz is our strategic partner in India.  Based in Bangalore, Align Biz are a fast growing company, partnering with IBM, SAP and Oracle and have particular expertise in real time data processing.


Verklizan’s UMO call centre platform passes vital alerts from Cascade3d to call handlers so they can get help where it’s needed most.


NRS Healthcare are the UK’s leading provider of Community Equipment, Wheelchair Services, Telecare, Service and Maintenance, equipment supply and Clinical Services to the NHS and Local Authorities.

TSA Member TEC Quality.png
Cascade3d FlexiForms manages sensitive information

Vital information is stored in a secure online database, instantly accessible out in the field and at back at the office. Care notes, accident reports, assessments and other reports can be searched and analysed to improve efficiency and accountability.


The beauty of FlexiForms is that it can be dynamically tailored to suit your needs: add new questions, create dropdown lists, edit options etc and publish the changes. They will be immediately available to all users. 

If you struggle to find vital information in inconsistent, hand written notes (which are often only accessible while visiting the patient's home), we can help. FlexiForms are electronic, interactive forms you can use to create care plans, monitor patient information, management equipment maintenance schedules and so on.

FlexiForms enables you to convert paper records into a searchable database - delivering operational efficiencies for care professionals and continuity of care for people being looked after in their homes.

Find out more.

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