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Cascade3d Connected Care

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Independent Living

“Cascade3d Connected Care” is Cascade3d’s flagship healthcare platform that integrates smart IoT sensors and Bluetooth medical devices to support elderly and vulnerable people in their own homes. 


Behavioural insights are picked up by the small, discrete sensors that are located around the home collecting activity data, that is sent back to the Cascade3d secure servers. This information is shared with family, caregivers, professionals and call centres to alert changes in daily routine in real time. This promotes early intervention, which in turn leads to higher standards of proactive care and cost savings.

Discharge To Assess

The Cascade3d Connected Care system is simple and easy to install and can be deployed within an hour to be ready at home to support an individual returning from hospital or other care settings. When combined with the familiarity of the home setting, the regular assessment visits and discreet activity monitors create a rich and full picture of an individual’s health. This data enables professionals to make accurate and informed decisions.

Cascade3d has worked on a number of projects with the NHS and local authority teams to enhance the discharge to assess process. The necessity to assess away from hospital has increased and will continue to do so with pressures on hospital capacity and bed availability. The addition of technology such as Cascade3d Connected Care enhances the D2A process by complimenting assessment visits with behavioural data to provide a complete picture of an individual’s strength and readiness for discharge or possible longer term care and future support.

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Assisting the reablement programme Cascade3d Connected Care can indicate if independent tasks are being completed before the care visitor arrive. This is monitored by flexible sensor technology system that is adapted to meet the individual goals assigned to the user as part of their care programme. This assists the reablement programme highlighting where extra care support is needed. 

Monitoring Long Term Health Conditions

For individuals with long term clinical needs, Bluetooth devices including pulse oximeter, blood pressure, blood glucose, thermometer and weighing scales can automatically upload readings to the Cascade3d Connected Care dashboard. With access to their own historical trends, patients gain confidence in self-management of their long-term conditions in the knowledge that clinicians can also review the data remotely and discuss any concerns. 


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