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Patient and Nurse

Case Studies 


The case studies here demonstrate how Cascade3d Connected Care system offers personalised technology enabled care by collecting behavioural data from non-intrusive IoT sensors and smart devices installed throughout the home. The data collected provides real-time proactive and preventative behavioural insights. This supports social care goals, independent living and reducing the risk of falls.

View Case Studies 

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Cascade3d Connected Care Scenarios for TAPPI

View Case Studies with TAPPI highlighting possible scenarios demonstrating how the Cascade3d Connected Care system supports independent living

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Enabling You With Technology 

View Case Studies from Surrey County Council and Mole Valley District Council joint award winning project "Enabling You With Technology"

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Technology Enabled Care Case Study

View the NRS Healthcare case Study that shows how the Cascade3d Connected Care system helps reduce hospital admissions

Video Case Studies 

Pam's Story 

In this video Pam talks about how she has gained a new lease of life from the ‘Enabling You With Technology’ project by Mole Valley Life and Surrey County Council. This project uses the Cascade3d Connected Care System to support elderly and vulnerable people live in their own homes, working closely with the alarm receiving centre in Mole Valley to provide preventative and proactive care using the sensor data.

Mum's Story 

This video from Surrey County Council shows how the sensors within our Cascade3d Connected Care System is enabling the resident to live independently in her own home whilst keeping her daughters mind at ease.

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