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How Cascade3d Connected Care provided evidence to create the right care package for an individual in South Wales. 
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Will Jones, February 2024

Technology Enabled Care - Case Study


Jean (not her real name) has a diagnosis of dementia. She lives alone and is supported by her local family. There was a suspicion that Jean wasn't coping well on her own and needed a care package alongside the family support she was receiving. Jean had sometimes left her home alone and on one occasion became confused when in town, which led to a fall and hospital admission.  

After hospital discharge, Occupational Therapists working with Jean wanted to get a better understanding of her movement patterns, daily routines and habits around the home. In particular, what time of day and how frequently she went outside on her own. Jean sometimes stays with her nearby partner in his house, so it was important to see when she was living at home how independent she was managing. 


Technology Enabled Care  

Cascade3d Connected Care was installed in Jean’s home to better understand her habits and timings and the frequency of her leaving the property. The system included discreet motion and door sensors around the house and cooking appliance monitoring devices in the kitchen.  

The system was installed by the Monmouthshire Careline team and supported by Cascade3d with regular online meetings to help interpret the data being generated by the system. 



The Cascade3d Connected Care system helped to show that Jean was not living as independently at home as hoped for and that she wasn’t coping with her day-to-day personal care needs. The practitioner looking after the case was able to use the evidence from the sensor reports to show that Jean was standing for long periods of time by the front door and that kitchen appliances were only being used after the front door had been opened, which suggested that family members were visiting and making food for Jean.  

It also showed that she wasn’t going into the bathroom for a long enough time to undertake personal care, and that she had no real sense of routine around the house. This supported the Occupational Therapist’s previous assessment, and highlighted that she had significant care needs. This led to a family meeting taking place and a social worker being allocated to organise a suitable package of care. 


More information? 

For more information on Cascade3d Connected Care please contact us by one of the following: | 01285 425690 | 

Cascade3d Turns 21

Rhian Wyman, January 2024

Last month we celebrated our 21st Birthday! We'd like to say huge thank you to all the companies we have worked with over these past years and are looking forward to seeing what the future brings.

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