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Cascade3d Connected Care asked to talk some tec!

Will Jones, May 2021


We were delighted to contribute to the #TalkingTECS publication produced for the Greater Manchester Housing Providers:


In the article we discussed the impact of technology-enabled care services on the current tec-shy generation most likely to benefit. Let us know what you think or if you would like to know more?

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Leisure Centres re-opening and ready for business

Will Jones, May 2021


Its been great to see the nations leisure centres re-open over the past month. We have spoken to many of our customers, now happily busy again following the lockdowns.


Early indications show it’s not a moment too soon for the leisure centres openings, to help boost the physical and mental health of their local communities. In this fantastic article on leisure week the impact of the lockdown is analysed with some scary findings regarding inactivity levels caused by the absence of easy to access exercise facilities:


We hope all of our customers re-build their membership levels to pre-pandemic levels and beyond. Its great to see many of them using our software to keep tabs on membership and participation numbers. Please get in touch with us at Cascade3d if we can help improve any of your leisure centre reporting.

Left to right: Mrs. Sidama, Teaching Assistant, Mrs. Vasanta, Teacher, Mr. Rechana, Teacher, Mr. Shanta Murthy, Headteacher, Miss. Shruthi Muniyappa, Cascade3d, Mrs. Sundaram, Teaching Assistant, Mr. Vengeepuram Sreerama, Director Cascade3d, Mr. Mallana, Teacher, Mr. Mahesh, School Development Board President, Mr. Rangaswami, School Development Board Member.

Sunshine fuels the children’s education

Shruthi, Cascade3d's Finance and Legal Advisor visited Komaranapura village to explore use of solar energy to reduce costs and maximise expenditure on the children’s education.

Gerry Hodgson, January 2021

Our Chartered Accountant and Legal Advisor, Shruthi Muniyappa (Sarus Advisory Services), travelled down to our registered office in Komaranapura village near BR Hills in Chamrajnagar from Bangalore to meet with our Company Director Mr. Sreerama and to visit the local government school that we support through our CSR activity.  


The school is planning expansion to the buildings and we will help with purchasing solar panels to reduce the running costs, allowing savings to be spent on books and equipment for the children.  It is wonderful to see the children flourish from the dedicated teaching staff guided by the headteacher Mr. Shanta Murthy. Shruthi spoke to the students (13- to 16-year-olds) about the importance of exploring career options and areas of interest at their age so they grow up to make the right choices and fulfil their dreams. 

Oxygen Saturation SpO2
Silent hypoxia - dangerously low oxygen levels go unnoticed

How a simple gadget could save lives in the fight against COVID-19

Will Jones, January 2021

It's great to see how Pulse Oximeters have been identified as a key gadget in the fight against COVID-19. The devices we use automatically upload oxygen levels to our healthcare dashboard so patients can monitor and manage their own condition. 

If they are feeling unwell or record an unusual reading, the results and trends can be reviewed with their community practitioner online and take appropriate action.


​We have been working with the NHS and NRS Healthcare providing remote support for elderly and vulnerable people who have been isolating for almost a year now. There are many great success stories of our work with NRS and here is one about Mrs A using Bluetooth medical devices integrated with Amazon Alexa video calling.

James Gallagher, BBC Health and science correspondent, reported how pulse oximeter could save lives especially for vulnerable COVID patients. Click here to read his full article and please contact-us if you would like to hear more about our Cascade3d healthcare solutions.