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Reablement Reporting

Will Jones, March 2023

Cascade3d Connected Care uses small discreet movement sensors, deployed around a house to build up a picture of a residents daily living pattern and behaviours. This is especially valuable for elderly or vulnerable residents supported by a package of care. The care package will be supporting the resident to live safely and independently at home and help check daily personal care routines and meal preparation. For these residents any changes in routine is not normally a good sign and will often need an early intervention by the family or care professionals to maintain the resident’s independence.


The Connected Care system can also be used to spot positive changes in routine, often when used with reablement teams and occupational therapists. Cascsade3d Connected Care can notice improvements in independent living, for example solo meal preparation, and deliver these results to the correct key workers on a timely basis. 


For more information on the benefits of Connected Care in a reablement programme please get in touch. 

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TSA International Technology Enabled Care Conference 2023

Rhian Wyman, January 2023

We are looking forward to attending the TSA International Technology Enabled Care Conference 2023. The two day programme, is just over 6 weeks away, taking place on the 27th and 28th March at the ICC in Birmingham. This event showcases industry leading companies who are dedicated in helping social care, housing, health and TEC professionals delivering proactive, preventative digital services. 


Book your ticket today on the TSA website or via the link below.

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