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Accurate, immediate and appropriate data combined with our insight will help you to make intelligent business decisions.  It's not just analytics - it's actionable analytics.



Cascade3d has been developed by specialists with over 20 years’ experience in the leisure and healthcare industries and we are proud to be a trusted partner of OEMs and ISVs serving each of our sectors.  We work with over 500 venues in the private, public and charitable trust sectors.


Cascade3d analytics


Our core Cascade3d software interrogates database systems and provides all the information you need in an easy-to-use format. We provide a range of insight modules, database cleansing services and tailored solutions to help you maximise the returns from your data resource.


Executive KPIs

  • publish key business drivers at every level of your organisation



  • make decisions based on hard evidence with the most up to date and appropriate information


Growing revenue streams

  • recruite new customers using sector specific profiling tools such as Experian MOSAIC and Sport England segmentation to target those households most likely to respond to your offer


Increase loyalty

  • send regular targeted and relevant communications, to keep your customers coming back for more


Increasing usage and yield

  • understand your customers and identify how your programme schedule can be improved


Make efficiencies

  • automate administrative tasks and standardise processes. Cascade3d has the skillsets and systems to deliver quickly and cost effectively

  • enable your teams to manage their areas efficiently

That's refreshing...


Our Cascade3d Refresh service takes customer data directly from your system and cleans and supplements it using our sophisticated analysis tools and de-duping routines.


Once it is updated you can get much better value from your data, secure in the knowledge that it is now more accurate and up to date.

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