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Cascade3d Connected Care

What is Cascade3d Connected Care?

Cascade3d Connected Care is healthcare system consisting of battery powered motion sensors that are positioned around the home to provide reassurance to vulnerable people and their families.

Please watch this short video to see how the Cascade3d Connected Care system works.

Hows does Cascade3d Connected Care work?

Cascade3d Connected Care uses discreet motion sensors to gather movement data and store this information in a secure cloud server.


The movement data can then be shared with families, caregivers and alarm receiving centres to improve care provision and keep residents living independently at home.

Cascade3d Connected Care Diagram .jpg

Frequently Asked Questions 

Does Cascade Connected Care use cameras?

No. The Cascade Connected Care does not include cameras or any facility to record video or audio. The system records movement / activity, light, temperature and humidity

What about my personal information?

All of the data within the Cascade Connected Care system is anonymised. No personal information is transmitted or stored.

What equipment will be installed?

The Cascade Connected Care system consists of a gateway (sometimes called a hub) which is connected to the home broadband router in order that it can transmit data to the Cascade3d Connected Care servers. If the property does not have broadband then a mobile SIM router (which uses a connection like a mobile phone) will also be installed to provide connectivity.

What are the sensors that are used?

The principal sensors with the system can be divided into the following types:

Motion Sensor.jpg
Motion Sensors

These sensors are placed in rooms, normally above the door used to enter the room, pointing downwards at an angel of about 45o . The holder is affixed to the wall using adhesive tapes. This sensor is also placed inside the refrigerator to check for food and drink consumption.

Door sensor 2.jpg
Door Sensors

These sensors are used to check the opening and closing of doors. They consist of a sensor and magnet. The sensor is mounted on the door frame and the magnet on the door itself. The sensor then detects the proximity or absence of the magnet to determine whether the door is opened or closed.

Smart Plug.jpg
Smart Plugs

These plugs are attached to appliances to such as kettles to report on use. They also serve as a signal repeater for the system in order to increase the range/coverage. It is advised that appliances plugged into the Smart Plug be left connected (microwave, kettle etc) and switched on.

Humidity Sensor 1.jpg
Humidity Sensors 

These sensors are installed next to a shower/bath in order to monitor humidity levels and/or bath shower usage. They can also be used to monitor humidity levels in the house if useful for managing medical conditions (e.g. Asthma / COPD). 

Can I choose which sensors are installed?

Absolutely. The number and type of sensors that will be installed and their location is down to the resident and/or their family. If any of the sensors are considered not appropriate or are declined by the resident then they are not installed.

What is my data used for?

The data is used in the Cascade3d Connected Care dashboard and displayed in the activity timeline.

Screenshot of timeline_edited.jpg
Who can see my data?

The data from the system is available to alarm receiving centres, adult social care teams and medical practitioners. Access to the data is also given to family members via the Cascade3d Connected Care website. 

Can alerts be configured? 

Yes, the Cascade Connected Care can be configured to send alerts both to alarm receiving centres and to family members/responders. These can include inactivity alerts and can also be configured to detect unexpected behaviour. The alerts to be configured can be discussed either with installer or with the Cascade3d support team. 

Who can I speak to about the system? 

Cascade3d Connected Care is available from your local authority adult social care team.

Cascade3d Connected Care App

Cascade3d Connected Care App

Either click on the links or scan the QR codes below to download our Cascade3d Connected Care App.  

Download our information leaflet


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