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Cascade3d - Year End Meeting

Rhian Wyman, December 2023

Our final team meeting of 2023 was hosted online. As we are an international company, we felt this option was most inclusive format. 


As usual Gerry directed the meeting, Matt gave an over view of our financial results and Will reflected on our 2023 achievements and plans for 2024.  Also Beena congratulated the team as we have again passed the TSA Quality Standards and have been referred to as a role models for our process documentation. Before the meeting the team was asked to think of their top 3 moments from the year. This was a great addition to the meeting style reflecting on what we have personally achieved in the past year sharing the high points as a group.


The Cascade3d team would like to wish all of our customers, suppliers and industry partners a very Merry Christmas. We hope you enjoy this festive break and we look forward to seeing you all in the New Year. 

Cascade3d Connected Care - Virtual Ward

Rhian Wyman, December 2023

Cascade3d has recently been working on a project with the NHS in Herefordshire and Worcestershire, specifically with the remote patient monitoring team. 


By installing sensors and using Bluetooth medical devices linked to our Casecade3d Connected Care software, we are enabling patients to receive on going personalised care from the comfort of their own home.  Remote triage is possible as vital signs readings are sent to our software platform which alerts physicians when they need to check on a patient’s status.


Click the link below to view our Virtual ward video.

What is Cascade3d Connected Care?

Will Jones, November 2023

Often we get asked how our Cascade3d Connected Care system works by our adult social care customers. Our adult social care customers often get asked how they can look after their family members and keep them independent in their own homes. So to help all of these questions we’ve put together this simple guide. Please get in touch if you would like any more information?

Connected Care Guide.png

Click on the file and download our guide today

Cascade3d Customers, two different sectors one common goal!

Will Jones, October 2023

At Cascade3d we provide software and data analytics services for two very difference marketplaces. 


For the last 20 years we have worked with many health and fitness providers across the UK including a presence in each one of the home nations. Our latest customer research calculates that there are over 300 leisure centres that use our software for analysing their membership, attendance and income statistics on a regular basis. The customers we work with all providing services for individuals that, in the main are very healthy, fit and independent.


These end users couldn’t contrast more with the other branch of software we provide in the technology enabled care sector. For the last 10 years we have worked with adult social care departments and healthcare providers again from across the UK using our Connected Care platform to support vulnerable and elderly residents in their own homes. There are many current projects in action, including probably the largest deployment of this technology by a single local government organisation in the UK in addition to some exciting new work assisting the NHS in the provision of virtual wards to remotely monitor more people at home this winter.


Despite their many differences our two customer groups have a common goal, to keep their customers and residents as healthy and well as possible. Its great to be involved in such positive and person centred industries, both of which have such a vital part to play in all of our everyday lives.

Yoga Class
Cascade Connected Care - Retirement Home Visit 

Will Jones, September 2023

This month we made a visit to a retirement property in Worcestershire to work with TEC provider Community Housing and their customer Platform Housing.


Will, our Chief Customer Officer installed a Cascade3d Connected Care system into the show flat as part of a technology showcase taking place at the property. The idea being that existing and new residents can see how Connected Care may benefit them now or in the future as their needs change and they can then adapt their property around them to stay as independent as possible in later life.


Once up and running the Connected Care system was handed over to Platform Housing to use, Will then left for other meetings in the area but not before watching the demo of the new Amazon Alexa powered robot vacuum cleaner! Please get in touch with us if you would like to know more about this project which is funded by the TAPPI framework.

Community Housing Logo.jpg.webp
Platform Housing Group.png
Cascade support funding for Komaranapura School in India

Gerry Hodgson & Shruthi Muniyappa, August 2023

On the occasion of 77th Independence Day Celebration of India, the Government Higher Primary School at Komaranapura Village in Karnataka, India, inaugurated the shelter/ prayer hall in the school premises. The construction of the shelter was facilitated by Cascade3d.  


We are delighted that the whole school can now meet in the new prayer hall  for assemblies, functions and at playtime to shelter from the rain in the monsoon season and intense sun in the summer.

Cascade3d’s Indian operation registered office is based in the village of Komaranapura, Karnataka, India and we are very proud to support the local Government Higher Primary School.

Kompur School Build.JPG
Kompur School - Students year 1 to year 8.JPG
Kompur School 2.JPG
Kompur School 3.JPG
Connected Care and Virtual Wards

Will Jones, August 2023

We have been working on some projects with NHS partners to use our Cascade3d Connected Care software to assist in the provision of Virtual Wards.


Virtual Wards are one answer to easing up the pressures on the NHS especially as we approach another winter and increased hospital admissions. We’re excited to flex our current software capabilities to allow for the Virtual Ward requirements and will be using our exiting sensor technology to compliment the vital signs readings to provide a holistic view of the patient. For a great introduction to how a Virtual Ward work please watch this short film by clicking here or watching the clip below. 


For more information on how our Connected Care system can be used for multiple requirements please contact us.  

Cascade3d Connected Care – Kit Refurbishment in Action

Will Jones, July 2023

We recently visited one of our healthcare customers to give their Cascade3d Connected Care Kits a refresh before they are used on a new project.


As explained in our article on the TSA website ‘Proactive and Preventative Care Model in Practice’ the kits are re-usable and can be easily installed and un-installed many times over. 


However it’s a good idea to give each one of the kits a quick clean and check before they are re-deployed. This normally consists of a physical clean with some appropriate cleaning materials, a battery test for all the sensors and an online check to make sure all of the sensors are paired and ready to go.


In the pictures you can see Will and Joe hard at work checking the 40 stock kits on deployment with Warwickshire County Council. If you would like to find out more about how a few Cascade3d kits can go a long way with needs assessment for many adult social care residents please contact us today.

Will and Jo with Connectd Care Kits.jpg
Will with Connectd Care Kits 1.jpg
Working with Pobl in South Wales

Will Jones, June 2023

Our Chief Customer Officer, Will Jones, was recently invited to demonstrate the Cascade3d Connected Care system to  group of residents at Llys Y Werin, in Gorseinon. This retirement housing complex near Swansea is run by Pobl Group, a not for profit housing organisation that manages properties across the whole of Wales. Pobl are one of the test bed organisations for the TAPPI programme which stands for The Technology for our Ageing Population: Panel for Innovation. 


TAPPI is led by the Housing Learning and Improvement Network (Housing LIN), the TEC Services Association (TSA) and funded by The Dunhill Medical Trust, TAPPI seeks to address the opportunity that technology has to enhance the lives of our ageing population and the barriers that prevent its adoption.


One of the TAPPI principles is that all technology decisions should be influenced by actual residents and their requirements. Will had a great couple of hours discussing Connected Care with the Llys Y Werin residents and showing them its potential to keep them living independently in their own homes.

Pobl Group Visit.jpeg
Congratulations Scarlett and Joseph

Rhian Wyman, April 2023

Over the past 18 months Scarlett and Joseph from our Operations Team have been studying towards formal qualification on an apprenticeship scheme in partnership with Cirencester College. They have been studying the IT Solutions Technician level 3 syllabus from BCS (The Chartered Institute for IT). This has enabled them to learn all about software development, solution delivery and development lifecycles including coding many other areas of IT.


Whilst working full time at Cascade3d they also completed online classes with Cirencester College and have recently passed their endpoint assessments to complete their apprenticeship. The passing of this qualification involved 4 written exams along with a 20 hour project on access databases. We are all really proud of their achievement and are sure they both have a bright career ahead of them in the IT industry. Congratulations Scarlett and Joseph.

Reablement Reporting

Will Jones, March 2023

Cascade3d Connected Care uses small discreet movement sensors, deployed around a house to build up a picture of a residents daily living pattern and behaviours. This is especially valuable for elderly or vulnerable residents supported by a package of care. The care package will be supporting the resident to live safely and independently at home and help check daily personal care routines and meal preparation. For these residents any changes in routine is not normally a good sign and will often need an early intervention by the family or care professionals to maintain the resident’s independence.


The Connected Care system can also be used to spot positive changes in routine, often when used with reablement teams and occupational therapists. Cascsade3d Connected Care can notice improvements in independent living, for example solo meal preparation, and deliver these results to the correct key workers on a timely basis. 


For more information on the benefits of Connected Care in a reablement programme please get in touch. 

7 copy.jpg
TSA International Technology Enabled Care Conference 2023

Rhian Wyman, January 2023

We are looking forward to attending the TSA International Technology Enabled Care Conference 2023. The two day programme, is just over 6 weeks away, taking place on the 27th and 28th March at the ICC in Birmingham. This event showcases industry leading companies who are dedicated in helping social care, housing, health and TEC professionals delivering proactive, preventative digital services. 


Book your ticket today on the TSA website or via the link below.

TSA Event 2023.jpg
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