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Validate for a customer database that's always...

"Validate digs through your database finding errors and inconsistencies."

Accurate. Up to date. Consistent. Fixed.

Are you confident that your database is accurate?  Validate is an advanced software solution which enables you to maintain your membership database so it's always ready to be used.  Validate checks the live data every day and emails you to let you know what needs fixing.  



But that's not all - it’s also a fantastic tool for your finance team to find things like unexplained refunds, non-payers, missing bank details and much more.  So if you need to find out where the leaks in your revenue are, Validate can help.



Key benefits:

  • Brings together information from different sources and multiple sites to give you full visibility

  • Replaces outdated annual clean-ups – your database is always up to date

  • Runs in the background – you decide when to action it and who to direct the issues to

  • Totally flexible – one solution meets the needs of marketing, finance, managers and administrators

  • Uses multi-level queries to find the hidden issues that are costing you money

  • Reduces customer complaints from inaccurately keyed contact information

  • Make sure membership rules are applied consistently

  • Enables you to comply with the Data Protection Act


To find out more about Validate, click here.

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