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FlexiForms is an advanced operational solution which enables you to monitor, measure and control what’s going on in your organisation.  



Key benefits:
  • Brings together information from different sources and multiple sites to give you full visibility

  • Replaces outdated paper-based forms and spreadsheets – live information is fed directly into the reports

  • Accurate and easy to use with tick boxes, electronic signatures and built in timings

  • Totally flexible – one solution meets the needs of all your management teams and operational areas

  • Works on your existing PCs, laptops, smartphones and tablets - there’s no need to invest in expensive, dedicated devices



"Whether you need to provide a report on average temperatures, produce KPI results or make sure compliance training is targeted at the team that needs it most, FlexiForms can help."


Find out more.

Examples of some of the FlexiForms we have developed for customers in the Leisure and Healthcare sectors.  


The forms are completely flexible and can be customised to your individual requirements.

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