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Data mash-up

Data is often held in different databases and formats, tucked away in hard to access corners of your information systems as well as coming from open sources such as Hadoop and the Internet. There are huge time and efficiency benefits in having all your data together in one place - a single view of your business and customers provides incredible insight that can revolutionise your decision making.


Cascade3d® Merge is an engine that pulls data from disparate data sources into a single view.  This powerful tool is especially important for multi-site operations where different versions of the business application databases may be used out in the field and the management team at head office needs a consolidated view.


Cascade3d® Abstract is a module that creates the business data cubes ready for online KPIs and detailed back office interrogation. 


That’s the mash-up - pulling data together into a single view and presenting key drivers to business teams. Contact us for more information about how our tools can transform your business.

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