Cascade3d is an IoT and data analytics company based in Cricklade, Wiltshire. Operating primarily in the healthcare and wellbeing sectors, its customer base spans the UK and includes local government, charities, academic establishments and the private sector. Cascade3d has a proven track record in providing solutions across a diverse range of customer requirements, including analytics, data validation and digital communication. Cascade3d is a TEC Quality certified TSA member and a registered Crown Commercial Service supplier.     

“Cascade3d Analytics” is a data analysis tool that uses the Microsoft Office suite of applications to provide KPI reports from compatible leisure management system. Out of the box reports include detailed information on members, memberships, bookings, courses, finances and participation. Cascade3d Analytics is the trusted reports system used across the leisure industry throughout the UK, its success is a combination of ease of use and fantastic reliability and support.

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“Cascade3d Connected Care” is Cascade3d’s flagship healthcare platform that integrates smart IoT sensors and Bluetooth medical devices to support elderly and vulnerable people in their own homes. Behavioural insights are shared with family, caregivers, professionals and call centres to alert changes in routine in real time. This promotes early intervention, which in turn leads to higher standards of proactive care and cost savings. Remote triage is also made possible through video chat devices including Amazon Echo Show.

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