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Healthcare & Medical

With an ageing population and increasing incidents of obesity, diabetes and coronary heart disease there is a growing need to improve and extend preventative services.  Cascade3d® is at the forefront of using technology to improve outcomes at both local and national levels.


Our Connected Care software and data services are being used across the UK to increase participation in healthcare programmes and improve wellbeing.


We also provide consultancy and can deliver complete hardware and software solutions for healthcare companies across the globe.  We can also work with an ecosystem as part of a solution, providing analytics to give insights to deliver new enhanced services into healthcare providers.



Elderly care at home

Sensors installed in the patient's home and wearable devices collect movement, environmental and behaviour data.  We use this data to create individual trend profiles, highlighting any changes in expected patterns. 


Data from multiple settings can be aggregated and used to guide strategic planning.  Take a look at the presentation below or visit the Connected Care page to find out more.



GP referral schemes

Many leisure centres work closely with local GPs, health care providers and the NHS to run specialised exercise programmes that benefit patients with a range of medical conditions.


We can provide insight on the visit frequency during the prescription period and the number of patients that take up a centre membership as part of their lifestyle changes.


Walking to Health

South Gloucestershire Council's Walking for Health scheme is part of a national initiative, which aims to help people become more physically active through walking.


The project has been running in South Gloucestershire since 2002 and has helped over 3,000 people to walk more.


Cascade3d built the database solution for the Exercise Specialists to record vital medical and rehabilitation information for both Walking to Health and Exercise on Prescription programmes.



Healthy eating

Communicating the benefits of eating a balanced diet with plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables sounds straightforward enough but increasingly busy schedules and the availability of low-cost convenience foods means the healthy eating message is not always easy to get across. 


Cascade3d Communicate provides a powerful platform for targeting customers with exactly the right dietary advice in a way that suits them. More…

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