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Internet of Things




Imagine smart buildings in smart cities with sensors and systems streaming data into the cloud via intelligent gateways capable of performing edge analytics.  Everything's online and everything is connected.


Well, that dream is getting ever closer to reality.  In January 2013, Glasgow won 'smart city' funding and has taken the view that an open data source will spark innovation that will build more integrated systems for the city in future. We're involved in preparing the data which will enable independent companies to develop mobile apps and widgets to provide new services for the people of Glasgow.


Cascade3d® is also involved with Intel's European Ignition Lab.  They have been helping us to use IoT to connect elderly and vulnerable people to their families, health and social care workers, emergency services and each other to create a smarter safer world for us all. 


Intel’s Doug Davis, Corporate Vice President and General Manager of Intel’s Internet of Things Solution Group, believes that “The Internet of Things has the capacity to solve the greatest social and business challenges of our time”.


IoT is an incredible development and we are very excited to be part of this amazing journey.  Find out more - IoT in action.

Connected Future

What is IoT?

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