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Save time and increase operational efficiency by automating your regular reports. Our Automate product ensures the right reports are sent to the right people at the right time.


Save time

  • Automate the Excel templates that you use the most

  • Reports are prepared overnight so they are ready as soon as you log in each day

  • Look at exactly the same report each time to ensure consistency of reporting


Flexibility that suits you

  • Distribute the report via email, email a link to the report or save the report to a folder location without a notification - the choice is yours

  • Set up different versions of the same report for different frequencies or different site, email or membership groups

  • Select fixed or dynamic date ranges to suit your requirements e.g. only show new members that joined last month

  • Assign individual users to a specific site or group of sites, so they only receive the information they need


Right data to the right people

  • Filter the data to show only information relevant to a specific set of users, minimising the amount of data you send out

  • Ensure compliance with data protection rules

  • Automatically archive reports by storing a snapshot of your chosen report on a given date or regularity

  • Lock down those reports that are tested and signed off, so no one can accidentally amend the settings


And don't worry - Cascade3d remotely monitors the production of reports to ensure we are able to act as quickly as possible if you need any help.


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