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Data integration


Cascade3d®’s breadth of experience in developing data driven solutions provides a wealth of knowledge to help deliver a uniquely tailored solution that meets your needs.


We can help you by customising one of our existing products or creating a tailored solution from scratch, and we’ll ensure that the results are simple to use and easy to understand. Our expertise in working with databases and creating direct marketing campaigns can help us recognise quickly where you can make efficiencies, improve understanding, avoid errors and much more.


Personalised service


Our operations team will work with you to review your business processes and prioritise the changes that will have the greatest impact.  


They will help you to:


  • Automate repetitive and time consuming tasks

  • Move information between systems quickly and accurately

  • Develop highly targeted marketing campaigns that really get results

  • Answer challenging questions using data from multiple sources, or involving complex calculations.

Case study: Joined up data - sports, library, arts, health

Cascade3d was approached by Circadian Trust in the South West who wanted to join up their services with partner organisations such as the South Gloucestershire Council’s sports development team, the library, arts and local health services. Pooling their various membership data would enable them to communicate to each member with valuable, relevant information and provide opportunities for cross promotion. The Active Card scheme was launched to promote a healthy mind in a healthy body and encourage the local community to use the fantastic services right on their doorstep.  


This became a strategically vital project for all the partners and Cascade3d’s solution to share the data between the separate systems was pivotal in ensuring buy-in from all sides, as it enforced the complex Data Protection Act protocols. 


Cascade3d built and implemented the data synchronisation system that updates the card holder data every 10 minutes meaning that local residents are able to use their single membership card across services in over 25 locations in the region, with each having the most up-to-date information on their system. 


The partners now use this customer data to send personalised communications, pooling their investment, in what has been described by a local university Professor of Marketing as the most sophisticated social marketing platform they have seen in the public sector. The content of each communication can be driven by a multitude of factors such as age, gender, nearest facilities by postcode, interests, forthcoming events etc.


The ambitious target was to recruit 94,000 card holders within 3 years. That number was reached almost 1 year ahead of time, with the quality of the data management being central to this success in building stakeholder and customer confidence. More...


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