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Cascade3d has developed a national on-line database providing BIG data analytics to report on member movement and participation. This large database provides insight into behaviour using a range of geo-demographic, Sport England and life-stage segmentation. 


The DataPool

Cascade3d is a leading provider of analytics and communication software which enable our clients to understand and modify behaviour and to deliver highly personalised messages and alerts to target customers.


Data capture has grown enormously in recent years and now includes information from point-of-sale, access control, tracking, sensor and monitoring systems, websites and mobile devices.


Cascade3d can take data from all these sources to provide a rich platform for understanding and influencing behaviour.


Connected data store

Cascade3d DataPool stores data streamed via broadband connections to the cloud service. This includes anonymous member, activity participation and transaction data. 


Cascade3d Online Analytics module is used for preparing and presenting the data such as membership length (median), attrition graphs and rates, retention statistics, new joiner rates, age and gender demographics and Sport England segmentation and participation analysis (e.g. swimming lessons, classes and pay and play activities) 




Trend and behaviour data can be used to increase customer engagement, participation and repeat activities. 


The Cascade3d analytics platform runs on Microsoft/Intel based servers, either hosted in datacentres or installed on in-house servers. Sensor data collection and streaming is possible via Intel based gateways. The online system is compatible with web browser enabled devices including PC’s, tablets and smartphones.



More information on DataPool

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