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Marketing & Communications


Maximise retention, profit and growth. Our products and services can help you send exactly the right message to the right people at the right time.

Cascade3d® Communicate


Our software interacts with database systems, spreadsheets and any connected data source you would like to interrogate.


We will work with you to implement your contact strategy by setting up rules specific to your organisation within the software.  This allows you to design and distribute relevant tailor-made communications to customers through email, text message, digital print or telephone at a touch of a button.

Direct marketing


Our experienced Marketing Services team can provide the skill sets and systems you need to deliver campaigns quickly and cost effectively. 


With our network of trusted suppliers we can manage a targeted multi-channel campaign for you across email, digital print and search engine advertising.

More information

ASA case study

Cascade3d® Refresh and Validate


Our service processes customer data within your database and cleans it using sophisticated analysis tools. Once the data is updated you can make much better use of your customer database because you can be confident that it is more accurate and up to date to help comply with GDPR.



BHLive Validate case study

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