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Online Dashboards

Data capture has grown enormously in recent years.


Whether you collect data via point-of-sale, access control, tracking, sensor and monitoring systems, web sites or mobile devices, you face the same issue - how to make sense of it all.


The Cascade3d Online Dashboard merges data from all those different devices and displays it in a series of easy-to-use reports, graphs and charts.  So for the first time you will be able to really understand people movement and behaviour in your organisation and use it to drive your business forward.


And that's not all.  Our Communicate software gives you the power to influence that behaviour by delivering highly personalised messages and alerts. 


Key Benefits


  • Brings together information from multiple systems to give you full visibility for the first time

  • Enables you to make decisions based on actual behaviour

  • Use the data to target resources exactly where they are needed most

  • New devices can be plugged in quickly and easily – everything from movement sensors to mobile phones

  • No restriction on number, size or complexity of data streams

  • Secure cloud-based system 







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How does it work?


Unique identifiers and fuzzy matching techniques are used to prepare logical pathways to navigate through the data. 


Microsoft SQL server based technologies merge multi-site and multi-system databases together to create the Data Pool.   


Scheduled tasks are created to scour all the data sources and create rich data cubes, the building blocks for effective people profiling and segmentation. 


An abstraction process then prepares trend and behaviour data in order to increase engagement, participation and repeat activities. 


And it's all presented in an easy to follow dashboard.



Data on the run...


Our Online Dashboard is available on PC, laptop, tablet and smart phone which means you always have access to the information you need.

Hosted or in-house?


The Cascade3d analytical platform runs on Microsoft/Intel based servers, either hosted in datacentres or installed on in-house servers.  Sensor data collection and streaming is possible via Intel based gateways.


The online system is compatible with web browser enabled devices including PC’s, tablets and smartphones.  Our system specialists are always happy to help with any technical queries.


Cascade3d online analytics and FlexiForms services are hosted by AWS or Cyber Host Pro using powerful Intel based Dell servers.

Powered by AWS
Why Cascade3d?


​We have particular skills in amalgamating large datasets from disparate systems. By merging and blending the data we can create a single view of your customers or service users.


Our talented developers can also create bespoke insight, trend analysis and predictive models and reports that work for you.


Contact us to find out more.

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